Himani BakeMagic

Make a perfect bake with the right mediumOffering specialised products for a wide range of bakery needs, from cakes to savouries.

The Indian bakery industry is one of the largest processed foods industry in the country with more than 3 billion tonnes of goods being produced annually. The consumption of bakery products is on the rise and the industry is projected to grow at 20%-25% per annum for the next 5 years.

In 2014, Emami Agrotech introduced a range of specialised products suitable to make a variety of products - Puffs, Kharis, Biscuits, Cookies, Cakes, Creams, etc. After the success of BakeMagic we launched BakeMagic Gold in 2015 enabling our customers to make better quality products. Our products are of great value and are well accepted by bakers. All our products are manufactured using the best quality ingredients in our state of the art plant in Krishnapatnam.

Our product range
Biscuits & Cookies
The perfect option to get the crunchiest and lightest biscuits. The BakeMagic Vanaspati ensures excellent binding within the dough prepared and a good spread ratio in baking needs. Biscuits and cookies prepared using BakeMagic are incredibly crunchy and light on the outside, while they are soft enough on the inside.
Puffs & Kharis
Khari biscuits, an old treat from the yesteryears, features the wonderful taste of dalda which is replicated by BakeMagic's Vanaspati. Goods made using BakeMagic allow for a high rise and crispness, with a rich golden brown colour.
Cakes & Creams
Cakes are one of the quintessential products for a bakery and should only be prepared with the best ingredients. BakeMagic Vanaspati guarantees any cake made using it is soft, delicious and voluminous. Another feature of using the BakeMagic Vanaspati is the long lasting freshness and great colour it provides to the goods.
All Purpose Baking
BakeMagic Vanaspati is the best option for any baking requirement. Biscuits, puffs, cookies, can all be made using the BakeMagic, which is trans-fat free, for the health conscious consumers. The Vanaspati provides a perfect texture and crispness, while keeping the baked goods fresh.
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