Emami Healthy & Tasty and Himani Best Choice has been the preferred choice for many people over the years and the bond is getting stronger by day. Our endeavour is to keep up to the highest standards of quality without compromising on health, taste and purity. At home and at well-known restaurants & food chains, culinary delights cooked in Emami Healthy & Tasty oil have captured many hearts. We are grateful that some of our happy customers have shared their thoughts with us.

In my long experience as a chef, I have found no oil better than Emami Healthy & Tasty to get the best taste, colour and aroma in food.

Rajesh Dubey− Executive chef, Specialty Restaurants

I would like to congratulate you for crafting the Healthy & Tasty cooking oil variant. It has helped me show my family what I've been saying for years - living healthy starts with eating healthy. Healthy & Tasty is exactly what it says - Healthy & Tasty.

Namrata Gupta− Consumer

To keep the modern day ailments away, nutrients like Omega 3 fatty acids, Tocotrienols etc, play a vital role. Emami Healthy & Tasty is high on these natural disease fighters.

Dr.Vijaya Agarwal− Dietician

Food cooked with Emami Healthy & Tasty cooking oil absorbs less oil which helps me to stay active and fit.

Neeraj Surana− Fitness instructor

I love the packaging and the oil (Healthy &Tasty). It feels refined and doesn't leave a residue while cooking. And the different types of oil make my decision making easy. For different recipes I use the different types of oil.

Sakshi Sidhwani− Consumer

I would simply like to say that your site is extremely well presented, clear and concise. The green feel is great! I have recommended you to many of my colleagues and plan to try out your oil brand too.

Tanya Ferrao− Consumer

Great site- vibrant and easy to use. Especially the information on bio-diesel. Go eco-friendly everyone!

Satish Manchanda− Consumer

The ad with Preity and Dhoni is superb! Love the concept of light food by Healthy & Tasty cooking oil.

Aniruddh Ghatge− Consumer

My husband and I tried out the recipes by Chef Rajesh Dubey listed on this site over the weekend. Yummy! Thank the chef on our behalf for the brilliant recipes.

Sakshi Talwalkar− Consumer

I was surprised by the strong taste and flavor of Emami Healthy and Tasty Kachchi Ghani Mustard Oil. Now my family relishes home cooked food even more.

Sulakshana Mukherjee Mitra− Media Consultant and Housewife
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