Refined Palmolein Oil

The best texture and colour which visibly reflects purityPalmolein Oil is transparent, clear, low in colour, bland in taste & odourless

Himani Best Choice presents its finest quality of palm oil through the Refined Palmolein Oil. Cholesterol-free, Trans Fat Free healthy palmolein oil and cost-effective, with excellent oxidative properties. An important feature of this oil is that it is neutral in taste & flavour and stable at high temperature. It is good for shallow as well as deep-frying as it has moderate linoleic acid content and high level of natural antioxidants which gives it a high smoke point. Its natural property enables reuse without affecting the quality of the food.

Health Facts:

Palmolein oil is healthy and helpful in the following ways:

  • Cholesterol Free
  • Trans Fat Free
  • Contains high level of natural antioxidants
  • High smoke point
It is available in all size packs - 15 kg Tin, 15 Ltr Tin, 1 Ltr Pouch, 500 ml Pouch
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