Over the years, Emami Agrotech has grown from strength to strength by virtue of its core values that guide the organisation at every step. It is these values that have laid the foundation for a strong organisation, as the team continues to build the business on this fundamental model.


We believe in "innovation" and allow possibilities to fuel our dreams. New opportunities inspire us. We act even when we are afraid and take risks. It always seems impossible until it is done.

We approach challenges with a beginners mind. Failure never stops us; we try till we succeed.

Growth & Development

We are committed to constant improvement in everything we do. It is persistence, passion and constant hard work that moves us forward. We believe that Growth and comfort do not coexist and magic happens out of your comfort zone.



We believe in life-long learning and pursuing excellence. We learn from books, other people, but most of all - from real life. We like to ask questions and learn from each other's perspective. Learning makes us better people and better leaders.



Our Consumers Trust us. We believe in fundamental honesty. Truth builds trust and we believe that being trustworthy is the only way to build a business and treat others. We work with utmost transparency, integrity, respect and fairness while dealing with people. The trust that we have built over time with all our stakeholders, have led to formation of one whole big family.


Giving Back

We believe that the art of living is your ability to give back - to do more for the world than the world does for you and making a difference. For us, giving back is a responsibility, privilege and opportunity. We are learning how to give every day and strive not only to be successful, but also to be of high value.

grow with us

If you believe you embody our core values and are ready to make a difference by being a part of this journey of progress,

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