Mantra brings a bouquet of pure spices, blended spices and tastemakers which adds life to every food and imparts authentic taste and flavour.

In August 2019, Healthy and Tasty entered into the spices category with the launch of its sub-brand Mantra - a range of 100% natural and fresh spices, masalas and tastemakers. Minimum processing and world class quality control methods of Mantra spices ensure that it retains natural nutrients, taste and flavour.

"The brand has also been awarded the Superior Taste Award from the International Taste and Quality Institute, Brussels, Europe after a rigorous process of tasting by 200 experts."

Explore our range of products:

Pure Spices

  • Haldi- Mantra turmeric comes from the most fertile fields of South India. Higher curcumin content and warm golden yellow colour gives your food authentic taste, flavour and colour.
  • Chilli- Choicest chillis sourced from the Chilli capital of India grounded to perfection. Emami Healthy and Tasty Mantra Chilli gives the right balance of spice and colour to your food.
  • Jeera- Mantra Jeera has been sourced from the fields of Western India. Emami Healthy and Tasty Mantra Jeera's high natural flavour adds warmth, aroma and earthiness to your food.
  • Dhaniya- Experience the garden fresh dhaniya specially selected for you by our experts. Emami Healthy and Tasty Mantra Dhaniya adds a rich texture and taste to your food.

Blended Spices

  • Shahi Garam Masala- Mantra Shahi Garam Masala is inspired from the cookbooks of the royal kitchens. A perfect blend of 8 exotic flavourful spices adds royal taste and flavour to your regular dish.
  • Special Chicken Masala- Mantra Special Chicken Masala is a delicious blend of 18 freshly ground spices and herbs, balanced to perfection. It brings out rich aroma and taste so that your everyday chicken is a delicacy.
  • Malaikari Masala- Mantra Malaikari Masala helps you create a delicious curry with a rich creamy taste. With this traditional blend of masalas, the iconic Chingri (Prawn) Malaikari is now super easy to make at home.
  • Nawabi Meat Masala- Mantra Nawabi Meat Masala is the secret to rich and flavourful Nawabi cooking. This blend of aromatic spices brings the regal taste of Nawabs to your kitchen.
  • Special Dalna Masala- Mantra Dalna Masala has been crafted from the traditional recipes of Bengali cuisine. Now make any Dalna recipe at home with just one spice mix for the most authentic flavour and taste.


  • Indian Tastemaker- Make your daily dishes more delicious by just sprinkling this special formula. Sprinkle on top for an explosion of flavour. Spice up your meals, bring world cuisine to your kitchen.
  • Italian Tastemaker- Exotic blend of spices to give your food the most authentic and tasty Italian flavour. Sprinkle on top and mix well for an authentic Italian experience. Spice up your meals, bring world cuisine to your kitchen.
  • Chinese Tastemaker- Sprinkle on top and sauté for 2 mins, for an authentic Chinese experience. Spice up your meals, bring world cuisine to your kitchen.


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