Benefits of Biodiesel

Rapid deforestation and use of non-renewable energy resources to meet the world's rising fuel needs are some of the primary causes of global warming. While the planet loses its green cover, carbon emissions from burning these fuels contribute to the warming. Thus need for a renewable energy resource that is environment-friendly in its emissions arises and biodiesel is the answer. Biodiesel is not only 100% renewable but also produces up to 80% less CO2 as compared to other conventional fuels.

As a responsible entrepreneur, Emami Agrotech realizes the far-reaching positive effects of biodiesel and endeavours to secure the future of our planet in years to come. As one enjoys the instant benefits of using biodiesel over conventional diesel, the benefits of using biodiesel are more long-term - assuring future security.

Some of the benefits of biodiesel as compared to petrol diesel are -

  • Biodiesel is one of the safest fuels to transport and store. It is as bio-degradable as sugar, ten times less toxic than table salt
  • It has higher flashpoint of about 125°C as compared to petro diesel which has a flash point of less than 60°C, hence its easy & safe for handling & storage
  • Unlike regular petrol or diesel, biodiesel is produced from biodegradable vegetable and animal fats. As compared to Petro Diesel, Biodiesel Reduces Carbon Emission by approx. 80% & Sulphur Emission by almost 100%
  • Biodiesel has almost 11% inbuilt Oxygen which helps complete Burning of the Petro Diesel after Blending, hence increases the efficiency of the blend
  • It ensures constant lubrication to the Engine & also acts as a cleanser, thus increases life cycle of the Engine & reduces Maintenance/Overhaul Expenses
  • Biodiesel provides the same power output as petro diesel
  • As per BIS, Biodiesel can also be used upto 20% Blend with regular diesel for any mobile application without any major modification in the Engine
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