Message from the CHRO's Desk

For an organisation with the ambition and drive of Emami Agrotech, employee talent is a significant driver. Employee Talent gives Emami Agrotech the confidence to strive for the impossible and reach it many a times. Therefore our employees are highly valued, cared for and celebrated.

Our culture is inclusive, caring, empowering and goal oriented. Life at Emami Agrotech is demanding and challenging, it encourages you to take risks but also provides you support, training and a fall back landing.

Emami Agrotech is an eclectic mix of long term employees who have built the organisation from the start and others who have joined the journey after gaining valuable experience from celebrated, big, multinational organisations. Employees at Emami Agrotech are diverse in language, gender, geography and background which makes it a very interesting and welcoming place to work. The overall feeling is that of an extended family.

The emphasis on talent drives Emami Agrotech to find the best suited and highly capable talent. It also drives us to develop the talent, to acculturate them, steep them into our values, help them master our work patterns, develop core skills and place them into cutting edge talent management programs. There is a strong emphasis on learning and we provide a plethora of training and mentoring options in technical skills and behavioural ones. Growth creates opportunities and those who contribute, learn and grow find a multitude of growth opportunities.

During and beyond work Emami Agrotech employees bond over fun events which happen at regular frequency.

If the above interests you do go head and leave us your details. We would be happy to take the conversation forward.

- Maneesha Jha Thakur