Rasoi Vanaspati

The trusted Vanaspati brand for more than 60 yearsVitamin enriched hydrogenated vegetable oil for a healthy family.

Granular and thick in texture, Rasoi Vanaspati is obtained from the hydrogenation of edible oils which are derived from plants. The texture and appearance of Vanaspati is similar to that of natural (clarified butter). Vanaspati is one of the most widely used cooking medium in the world.

Emami Agrotech entered into the Vanaspati market by acquiring the 60-year-old, Rasoi brand in 2014. Rasoi Vanaspati provides great taste and aroma in mouglai dishes and fried items. Rasoi Vanaspati is a popular brand in Hotel and Restaurant segment in West Bengal and has an ambition to enter into the national arena soon.

Health Facts:
  • Vanaspati is completely made from plant source
  • It contains various kinds of fatty acids
  • It is an ideal medium for deep frying
It is available in all size packs - (Yellow) - 1 L Pouch, 500 ml Pouch, 200 ml pouch, 100 ml LUP, 50 ml LUP, 15 ltr jar, 15 Kg Jar, (Gold) - 1 L Pouch, 500 ml Pouch, 200 ml pouch, 100 ml LUP, 50 ml LUP; (Blue) - 15 Kg Jar

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