Refined Palmolein Oil

The best texture and colour which visibly reflects purityPalmolein Oil contains vitamin A that restricts skin aging, and recovers glucose metabolism.

Himani Best Choice presents its finest quality of palm oil through the Refined Palmolein Oil. Free from cholesterol, rich in vitamin E, antioxidants makes it safe and nourishing among edible oils. An important feature of this oil is that it is flavorless and stable at high temperature. This ensures that food cooked in the oil retains its taste and thus is widely and specifically used in frying preparations.

Health Facts:

Palmolein oil is healthy in many ways:

  • Rich in Vitamin E antioxidants
  • Cholesterol Free
  • High smoke point
It is available in all size packs - 15 kg Tin, 15 Ltr Tin, 15 Ltr Jar, 1 Ltr Pouch, 500 ml Pouch, LUP Rs.5/-, LUP Rs.10/-

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