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What are the common uses of biodiesel?
Biodiesel is used in locomotives, automobiles, boilers, burners, raw materials for specialty chemicals and in DG Sets etc. Indian Railways decided to use 5% blend of biodiesel with petro diesel to run its locomotives. State Transport Corporation Viz APSRTC, Hyderabad has decided to blend 10% with petro diesel in AP and Telangana states which feature the largest fleet in the world.

What are the industrial applications of biodiesel other than in the transport sector?

  • Raw materials for manufacturing of Coning oil in textile industry
  • Replacement of jute batching oil in jute industry
  • Feed stock for Metal cutting oil in machine tool industry
  • Fuel oil for industrial usage
  • Heating oil as a replacement of furnace oil
  • Feed stock for paint industry
  • Feed stock for Specialty chemical industries

Biodiesel or petroleum diesel - which is better in terms of impact on human health?
Scientific research confirms that biodiesel emissions have a less harmful impact on human health than petroleum diesel fuel. Pure biodiesel emissions have decreased levels of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) and nitrated PAH compounds that have been identified as potential cancer causing compounds.

Is biodiesel supplied at a firm price on annual contract basis?
As Feed stock prices fluctuate, therefore it is difficult to have a yearly contract on biodiesel supply. Emami Agrotech generally enters into a fixed price contract for 3 months for Govt. owned companies or fixes a price as per the petro-diesel price.

Does a vehicle's diesel engine need specific changes to switch to biodiesel?
No change is required. However, it is recommended to get the engine checked by a certified mechanic of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) before switching to biodiesel.

Can one switch between biodiesel and regular diesel usage?
Yes, switching between the two fuel sources causes no harm to the engine. In fact, diesel and biodiesel can also be mixed and used at the consumer's end.

Is biodiesel good for the engine?
Biodiesel helps to clear the deposits in the fuel tank. Its lubricating properties increase the life of an engine.

Does biodiesel manufacturing consume more energy than what the fuel actually gives back?
No. Biodiesel has one of the highest energy-balance of any liquid fuel. The DOE/USDA lifecycle analysis computes that for every unit of fossil energy it takes to make biodiesel, energy gained is 3.5 units.

Is there any government subsidy or tax benefit on the use of biodiesel?
Biodiesel is exempted from payment of excise duty and therefore manufacturers are able to offer a price lower than petro-diesel. The Value added Tax on biodiesel is also exempted in some of the states of India.

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